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Boom, snap, clap hand game - looks tricky...
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How to do the cup song from Pitch Perfect
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Video for parents - Minecraft in the classroom

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A Christmas story to listen to - Santa's New Jet

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How to make quick and easy pom poms
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Screen_shot_2011-05-23_at_3.39.23_PM.pngFabulous series of Educational Games and Fun
Make your own comic book story - lots of fun and learningScreen_shot_2011-06-08_at_8.28.01_PM.png
Build yourself and then write about who you are. Where do you live? What do you eat? How do you move around? How do youprotect yourself?
Take a screen shot of your finished 'wild self' and save it to your file on student sharing.
Use your draft writing book to write your story.
Publish on pages or kidpix.
During Book Week our buddy class Room 27 showed us a similar youtube clip showing children dancing and singing to'Gotta Keep Reading'. We enjoyed it so much that we wanted it on our wiki to watch over and over again.


Learn how to play chess

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