By Christine
24th August 2010

Astronauts live in space. When astronauts go to the toilet they use a bar across their legs. The food is in a plastic bag and the plastic bag is attached to trays. When astronauts eat something they open the plastic bag. Then the astronauts have to hold on to the food. Before the astronauts eat the food they have to warm it up.

Ambury Farm

On Wednesday Room 3 went to Ambury Farm by bus. Then we went to a room that smelt bad. We didn't sit on the floor, we got to sit on mats. Next we went to the milking shed and a lady told us all about cows. She got a cow and her name was Rosie and she tickled the cow. She rubbed Rosie and put the milking cup over the cows teat on her udder. It sucked the udder. The cow stomped her feet and the milk came out. After that we went to the shearing shed. Another lady had to shear the sheep's bottom. She said that flies eat poo. If the flies lay eggs and the baby fly hatches then the baby flies will eat the sheep's skin and the sheep will die. She made the sheep stand up and then the sheep went down the shoot to the other sheep. We went to lamb feeding and patted a horse and then to chicken feeding. The goat tickled me when I fed him. I liked feeding the goat.

Number Poem

One is the number of mouths that you eat with.
Two is the number of pets that I have.
Three is the number of our classroom.
Four is the number of people in my family.
Five is the number of people on a bridge.

By Christine

Winter is the season of…….

I see big and little trees waving their leaves.
I hear dripping, dropping rain.
I smell mum cooking.
I feel gooey and cold mud on my gumboots.
I enjoy playing in the snow.
By Christine