By Bruhathi
2nd September 2010

I can’t go with you.
I have to go to the farm and the zoo!

I can’t go with you.
I have to give the doctor a clue.

I can’t go with you.
I’m off to buy a blue canoe.

By Bruhathi
24th August 2010

In space there is no gravity so astronauts float. If astronauts don’t hold onto their food their food will float away. Astronauts stay in space for a long time. When they lift off the rocket falls off and after eight minutes the fuel tanks falls off too. When they are in space they go around the world for 90 minutes. The first people went to put flags on the moon.

Number Poem

One is the number of mouths you use to talk with.
Two is the number of legs we walk with.
Three is the number of ice-cream scoops.
Four is the number of the room next-door.
Five is the number of fingers on one hand.

Winter is the season of…….

I see cold snow.
I hear splash, splish, splosh, splash, splish, splosh rain falling down.
I smell my mum cooking warm noodles.
I feel cold in winter.
I enjoy playing snowfights.