By Balroz
2nd September 2010

I can’t go with you.
I’m going to a farm to milk a cow that says moo!

I can’t go with you.
I am going to scare my friend. Boo!

By Balroz
24th August 2010

Astronauts live in space for a long time. They drink juice and they can blow bubbles with their juice. Now days they get their food on trays. When they blast off they have special material on the rocket so it doesn’t burn up. When it gets into space the little rockets fall off.

Number Poem

One is the number of hats on my head.
Two is the number of nostrils on my nose.
Three is the number of our classroom.
Four is the number of legs on a chair.
Five is the number of fingers on my hand.

By Balroz
Winter is the season of…….

I see pattern snowflakes.
I hear rain going drip drop.
I smell mud squishy, squashy.
I feel frosty cold.
I enjoy playing snow fights.
By Balroz