By Amanda
24th August 2010

Astronauts go in an elevator to go up into the space rocket and all of the bits fall off after liftoff. The rocket goes around the world then it floats in space. If you want to go to the toilet you have to tie your feet up. If you are hungry in you have dry food and your food can float in space. We can float in space too. When they sleep their sleeping bags have to be tied up. Their hands float up if they go to sleep.

Number Poem

One is the number of brains that help you to think.
Two is the number of eye that you see TV with.
Three is the number of ice-cream scoops.
Four is the number of room 4 at Point View.
Five is the number of fingers on one hand.
Six is the number of crayons in a packet.
Seven is the number of apples in a bag.